Marine Biodiversity Agreement At International Waters

It starts the negotiation for the redaction of an joint agreement addressed to biodiversity protection in oceanic waters out national jurisdiction.  The first session, started over on September 4th at the United Nations palace in New York, after a decade with debates rounding oceans protection placed in the “Alta Mar” zone. The discussions at the […]

A Fast Transition Towards An Economy With Low Carbon Incidence

The commitments, destined to avoid risks, are oriented over the inform “Unblock the inclusive growth history in century 21th by the New Climate Economy” that settles by 2030, the following objectives: To offer economical margin of around $26.000 millions globally. Generate more than 65 millions employment positions with low carbon emission rate. More than $2000 […]

More Actions And Commitment To Face Climate Change

The Global Meeting for Climate Change ended up with more commitment and the request to intensify forces in fighting the climate change. The meeting GCAS (by its acronym in English), to whom join beyond 400 actor leaders from a worldwide diversity of sectors, was held in San Francisco (California, USA) from September 12th to 14th, […]